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At Escort Amsterdam, we offer various & exciting extra services that are on top of or regular escort service in amsterdam and contain one of the best entertaining ways to enjoy your stay in the biggest city of Holland. Our Extra Services consists out of companionship, a trip in and around Amsterdam with only the best sightseeings, enjoy high quality food in the top restaurants & much more.

Our top 5 of special things todo consist out of fantastic trips, rendezvous's and much more you can do in Amsterdam, The Netherlands together with one of our Female Companions. Give our escort agency in Amsterdam a call on the number +31(0)6-43858353. We are open 24 hours a day with fast delivery.

Apart from our recommended top 5, it is possible to contact our escort service with sugestion(s) that you have in mind or would like to experience. Our staff is here to answer any of your questions and wants to know your ultimate day or weekend off with one of our loved escorts. We are open 24 hours.


Erotic Massage

One of the main subjects that we get asked about is an erotic massage. At Escort Amsterdam we hire a team of escorts in the Amsterdam area who are experts in the art of the erotic massage. It’s one of the best ways for you to enjoy a wonderful massage experience: the kind which is almost certain to leave you with the happiest of endings.

With an erotic massage, all that you need to do is ask and your escort will deliver. You will get to enjoy a very exciting and intensive experience, making sure that you can have all the help that you need to really take things to a new level of excitement. With the help of an erotic massage, you can let loose any built-up stress or pressure at the wider world in a matter of minutes.

You will be able to let go of any of your latent irritation, making sure that you have a fun and exciting massage experience. Now, when you need to go back to whatever was bothering you, you should find it much easier to cope. All you need to do is think about to that special night and the erotic massage you enjoyed so much!


Mature Escorts

When we speak to the many people hiring escorts through our service at Mature Escorts Amsterdam, we get many reasons why people choose to use our service. One of the most common reasons that we hear, though, is that someone just wants to find some experience in the bedroom. Many of us can find youthful fun to play around with in the bedroom – but if you want something a bit more, a mature escort from our service might make more sense overall.

Working with an escort who is a bit more experienced brings many benefits. For one, you know that you will be able to engage in a really unique kind of pleasure. Often a mature escort might try something that you would never have tried yourself – it might even be something that you would never have imagined would feel good.

This is why so many choose to hire a mature escort: they can make you think about your sex life in a whole new set of terms. This is also why so many of our clients choose just to put the mature escort in charge and let them find out those little things that you love to enjoy taking part in.